About Us

Plastic Free Aussie is a one-stop shop where you'll find a carefully curated selection of plastic free goodies from around Australia. My vision for this website is to make your switch to a plastic free lifestyle as easy as possible. The more convenient something is, the easier it is to make change.
Eliminating plastic from your life is not a fast process, honestly, in order for it to be sustainable it’s best done gradually. One thing I don't want this website to encourage is people buying things they don't need.
I screen every product on my site to make sure that it is: firstly, a quality product that is ethically and sustainably made and secondly, Australian owned and (where possible) Australian made. I feel this is really important as it supports our own economy and reduces the carbon footprint of my business.
My vision for this website is to create a community, not just an online store where you and I can start to make a change and inspire others to do so! I’ll share interesting blog posts about the ocean and educate you further about plastic pollution.


Meet Nicole, the face behind Plastic Free Aussie

turtle nicole diving
Image by the lovely Bryan Chu Photography

Nicole here, I'm an Adelaide girl living out my mermaid dreams as scuba diving instructor in Bali. My office, my happy place and my one true love in life is the ocean. In fact, I worked out the amount of hours I spend diving equates to living underwater for an entire month of the year.

The passion I have for the ocean is what drove me to set up this business. Sadly, part of my job means I am on the front line when it comes to seeing plastic pollution. Unfortunately, for most Aussies when it comes to plastic pollution there is a real disconnect, as it's very much out of site, out of mind.

One day in early 2019, I was brought to tears at the end of one of my dives. I was trying to teach, but my student and I kept getting tangled in plastic. I was horrified at what I was seeing. This dive site is usually frequented by Manta Rays, but that day the poor Mantas were nowhere to be seen as there was just too much plastic. That's when I knew I had to do something to help prevent this from happening.  

Plastic pollution is definitely not just a problem that exists in Asia, the oceans are interconnected, meaning wherever you are in the world you can make a difference!

Yours truly,
Nicole x