Wean Meister Sippy Skillz - 2 Pack
Wean Meister Sippy Skillz - 2 Pack
Wean Meister Sippy Skillz - 2 Pack
Wean Meister

Wean Meister Sippy Skillz - 2 Pack

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Wean Meister Sippy Cups are designed to help develop those fine motor skills and coordination and teach your baby to drink from a cup. It is recommended by dentists and health professionals that babies as young as 6 months are able to learn this new skill. Paired with a silicone bib designed to catch any spillage - learning how to drink from a cup is easy! 

Wean Meister goes above and beyond to exceed safety guidelines and uses a high grade LFGB silicone to ensure the health of your baby is not compromised. Other cheaper grades of silicone use fillers. The give away is when you squeeze silicones made with fillers they will show a white line. Something you will not see amongst Wean Meister products.  

Key features:

-Wide base prevents spillage

-Measurement lines

-Easy grip handles


-Bacteria resistant

-Develop fine motor skills

-Freezer, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe up to 240 degrees

Why we love Wean Meister products:

-Australian designed and owned

-Plastic free packaging 

 -High grade LFGB silicone

-Donates 3% of profits to Save the Children