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It's a good question?  One that may have many answers depending on who you talk to. For me, it's quite simple. Meeting our current needs but not compromising the needs of future generations. 

Making the move to a sustainable lifestyle can seem quite overwhelming at times. Fear not, dear reader. There are a lot of contradictions and opinions on what is sustainable and what is not. If you feel overwhelmed, you can refer to the nine "R"s of sustainable lifestyle.



Sustainability 101. Take the time to rethink your choices. Whether it's shopping habits, Material goods or toxic relationships 😜 . What do you want compared with what you actually need?



You don't have to attend protest marches rallies and chain yourself to railings. Vote with your wallet and don't support companies that are harmful to mother nature. It may be a single product in or the general company practices. You'll feel better by making the change to sustainability. Did you know disposable paper towels are a thing of the past?


Why use paper when these are better?



We live in a consumer-driven world but when it comes down to it, need a lot less than we use. Do you need the replace your 1 year old phone with the latest model? Do you need to buy this years fashionista style?  Of course, it's nice to feel current, but remember it's a manufactured reality. You only need to look at different fashions and style across countries to see how artificial all it is.   

Better for you and the environment.


Now more than ever, retro is the new chic. It also super sustainable! This is great for value, great for you and great for the environment. Raid your parents closet or attic for classics! Reuse or repurpose items that you already have and move away from single-use items. Check out our stylish Frank Green ceramic water bottles.


Have something that you don't need or use anymore? Regift it to someone who will. With Christmas around the corner, it's the perfect time! Just try not to regift to the person who gave it to you... Doh! Want to know the correct regifting etiquette? We've got you covered :)


Before rushing out to replace an item, see if you can repair it. Even if this means up-cycling it for another purpose. I really noticed this when living in Asia. From laptops to furniture to clothing, there is always a shop to repair or tailor. It seems to be a Western habit to throw it away and buy a new one. 

Saves on single use plastics and
makes you more awesome!


If you only need something for the short term why not rent it. Not always from a big company either. The sharing economy is a growing market. I wasn't even aware of it myself until earlier this year. From airplanes to xylophones, (true story) it's all available! 


If you can't do any of the above, then at least make sure your purchases are recyclable.  It's surprising how many things can be, but it might take a little more work than putting it in the recycling bin. A little research and you can find out what you can do and and where. Who would have thought a little piece of bamboo could make a toothbrush holder?

Bet you didn't even know this was a thing :)


If it's not reusable, regift-able, repairable or recyclable, is it compostable? It's not only food stuff that can go on the compost heap. A compostable loofah you say? Your wish is our command... Go on, make some worm food and grow some veggies 😎

It doesn't have to be boring

Being sustainable is an active choice but once you start, it's quite simple. Turn it into a game with the kids and see how quickly it turns into a competition!

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